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    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2682/slideshows/homeCustom1440x500/Screen%20Shot%202019-04-18%20at%209.24.24%20AM%20copy.jpg Bishop David Konderla invites us to join him in celebrating the Good News of Easter (click to watch video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHRhDEGeUis _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2682/slideshows/homeCustom1440x500/Screen%20Shot%202019-04-18%20at%2011.31.16%20AM%20copy.jpg Our Faith Together - Join us in celebrating the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ (click to watch video) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Nj4zXQU8bg _self
    https://d2wldr9tsuuj1b.cloudfront.net/2682/slideshows/homeCustom1440x500/Pastoral%20Letter%20English%20banner%20copy-1.jpg https://www.dioceseoftulsa.org/documents/2018/5/Pastoral%20Letter%20English%20FINAL.pdf _blank
  • Bishop David Konderla Introduces His Pastoral Letter, "God Builds A House"

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  • Join us in celebrating the resurrection of our lord

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  • Fr. Michael Pratt offers practical advice for Lent

  • Bishop konderla reflects on Ash Wednesday

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